About Me

Ken & ThereseI am a Licensed Massage Therapist who has been using Shaklee since 1981 and doing the business in my office for 10 years!!  My husband and I have a lot in common, most importantly our belief in using products that are in harmony with nature.


Kent and I discovered a common thread between us, giving us an exciting way of life that we share together and one we look forward to sharing with all of you. It begins with having the very real ability to live “in harmony” with nature. Living a green lifestyle, and having the long term benefits that go along with it, both in our health and financial security, is what also continues to be an amazing and fulfilling life that we’re living and enjoying every day. My passion is for the natural supplements!  If you would like to know how my dramatic health story unfolded and what supplements I took please go to : www.theresebrown.myshaklee.com
Kent loves the cleaning products! He will be sharing the best of the best that he has personally discovered through the years also, in the use of these incredibly safe products.
Together with our physical needs, our environmental needs and our financial needs…we are here to help you in the ways that have helped us. We’re glad you’re here!  We hope you will discover a new way of life too!


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