I started taking Shaklee supplements over 25 years ago in 1984 and I absolutely love them because of the safety, clinical testing and efficacy of their products!

There was a period in my life that I didn’t have enough money to buy supplements. That period was between 1990-1995.  Looking back now to that period in my life, I had ulcerative colitis, uterine fibroids, and migraines and I had never had these problems before!!  I realize now that I just wasn’t getting the nutrition that I needed from my foods and that my body was beginning to break down.

My doctors diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis and prescribed 60 mg of prednisone and cortisone suppositories to clear up the bleeding within my large intestines and sigmoid.  The meds were not completely getting rid of my bouts of large intestinal bleeding and they had so many side effects that I chose a different course of action for myself.  I continued to take the asacol that I was now on for a short time because I refused to take any more prednisone!!  I did not like staying out of the sun, which was the side effect of the asacol medication.

I know that God made our bodies to heal themselves IF we give it the right foods, but we cannot get all of the nutrients from our foods!!  I trusted Shaklee before and this time was no different!!!  I started taking Shaklee’s optiflora and within a few months I did not have any bleeding.  The optiflora is a probiotic that helps rebuild the good bacteria within the colon (where the immune system begins)  I also took alfalfa to promote good digestion a month later.

Today I take Vivix, Vitalizer, Cinch and Nutriferon  faithfully everyday. I also take Stress Relief complex occasionally because stress is a big factor in ulcerative colitis patients.  Vivix and Vitalizer is a good starter program because the Vitalizer has 80 bio-optimized nutrients (one of them the optiflora that had initially helped to stop the bleeding) and Vivix is a fabulous protector and repairer or cells, and my cells really needed some help from the scarring and all!!  Ask your upline to guide you in a plan for autoimmune diseases.

Today I never have any bleeding, feel great, take no meds, and can eat pretty much anything but stay away from greasy foods.   All ulcerative colitis patients know what they can and cannot eat!!

I hope that this letter may help someone in a similar position.  I do not recommend anyone going off of their meds right away!! It was a process for me!!

I always told my doctor what I was doing, even though he kept giving me the prescription for the meds.  Now whenever I go see him he always takes notes when I tell him what is working for me!! Today I am Prescription Free!!

Good Luck, You can call me if you have questions,

Therese S. Brown, LMT, NMT