Below is a Wonderful Story of Renewed Health from my friend Jo Haines:

I became involved with Shaklee products in August 2008.  My good friend, who is and has been involved for twenty-five plus years, gave me the boost of my life and I was hooked.  I have been using the Nutritional – Cinch – Shampoo & Conditioner – Cleansing Bar – Dentifrice – Laundry & Cleaning supplies.  I have been trying new products slowly.  Should have gone all out in the beginning because everything so far has been pretty amazing and absolutely remarkable. The cleaning products have saved me lots of time and effort. I keep using them in many and varied ways on a multitude of things.  I find no matter what I use them for or on, everything really shines.

Shaklee is by far the most honest and trusting company that I have found in my many years of living. What they say about their products is TRUE. I get excited just telling people about Shaklee.  If only they would all be as receptive as I am enthused, what a better life everyone would enjoy.

My husband has acute emphysema.  His Pulmonary/Internal Medicine MD FCCP told him in 2006 that his condition would never get any better, only worse as time went on.  He has had many trips to Emergency since then.  Seemed like I was calling 911 every month.  He has had Angioplasty, three Stints, and two Stint replacements.  When I stared on Shaklee Nutritional products, I asked him to also start taking them.  Well, most of us know that the men are all made from the same mold,and they know everything!  Finally in February 2009, his last trip to Emergency, he agreed to start on Vivix. He is now taking Omega Guard – Nutriferon – B Complex and Colesteral Regulation Complex.  I haven’t had to call 911 since February.  His last visit to his Pulmonary Dr. was very enlightening.  He is breathing better, lungs seem stronger, and he is doing much better.  Plays golf four times a week.  Doctor told him not to be out in this Florida heat and humidity, that it would not be good for him.  He has done it all Summer long.  He is like a bear with a sore paw when he can’t play golf.  Praise the LORD for Shaklee.  Might I also add that my Walter is 85 years young.

I have several medical conditions.  Most are now much better.  I have more energy and feel much better since I started on the Shaklee nutrition.  “Vivix” has been the biggest boost.  I now have a Personal Trainer, try very hard to do stretching, cardio, and light weight training three times per week.  That is beside housework, volunteering, and trying to build up my Shaklee business.

So there you have it.  Shaklee is the best thing that has come into our lives, and I’m sticking to it.

JoAnne L.Haines Titusville, FL 2009